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Posted: 10/12/2020 21:51

I found a problem with rockets. I don't know if this was intended but there is a way to basically duplicate money. In the shop you can buy a stack of rockets for 3000. I found it was much cheaper to buy the materials to make rockets where I could spend just 2,490 for 3 stacks of sugarcane and 3 stacks of gunpowder to make 9 stacks of rockets. I can then sell the 9 stacks of rockets for 14,849 and basically duplicate the money.

Tags: rockets

10/12/2020 22:46

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will fix this in due time.


11/12/2020 16:41

Everyone seems to be finding some sort of money duping issue with the shop.


14/12/2020 12:27

This is the problem, all prices are seperated. So if you set the price of paper and gunpowder it won't set the price of a firework at the combined price of the two. You also have to set the price of the firework.


30/01/2021 10:32

if we figure out how to make player owned shops, that will fix the economy. everone will either have to choose a fair price or fuck themselves over. as upposed to now where the shop have a bottemless wallet and can afford to let people take adventage.

so if someone tried to hypothetically sell 1 sugar cane for 1,000,000 it would only work if another player made a shop to buy sugar cane for 1,000,000 a peice.