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Posted: 08/12/2020 01:42

 I was chilling on the server when suddenly Original sent me a tpa request, but he didn't NEED to send the request becuase that i was behind him i killed him to notify him that he didn't need to send the request, but then, Original PURPOSELY KILLED ME FOR NO REASON, i just killed him to notify him that he didn't need to send the request, but unfortunately, they killed me 4 TIMES (Keep that in mind), when i was having class, i went on the discord to tell them to give my stuff back, they said they *accidentally* took my stuff, but i knew, i knew that they were lying so this is why i want Infnite and Original banned.

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08/12/2020 01:45

Why did you even kill him though? It wasn't necessary so surely you can understand their frustration. Also you don't need to create a new topic when Infinite has already made one.


08/12/2020 02:15

First of all, Orig thought the food was his, and the one single glass block doesn't really matter, does it? And you really have to stretch it to say we killed you four times, though it was just three. Plus, I gave you all your stuff back. If you want more info, ask Orig_inal. And btw, you tried to take my jukebox and my Pigstep music disc, didn't you? (When you broke that jukebox we were listening to)

Don't blame me for taking your stuff when clearly, just a week ago, you took my pants. My pants are worth nearly $300,000K. Oh yeah, and when you said that you didn't want to spend 2 MILLION on your stuff, all you were missing was your boots and helmet. (I think your elytra too, I'm not sure.) Neither of us know where your fucking socks and cap went. Also, when you said he killed you for no reason, you missed out on the part where you were supposed to say that you were threatening him with your sword.

If you win this case, then sure, I will give you your stuff and xp back.

Edited: 08/12/20 02:17