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Posted: 08/12/2020 00:48

So, umm...

Ok so, Jetchicks (to whom I will refer to as Jet) sent me a teleport request. I was building a tall pillar (and no, this wasn't to trap in as he tp'd). He teleported, and since the pillar wasn't that tall (maybe 10 blocks so far) I decided to push him down onto the floor (he was full netherite). He and I took maybe half a heart, but then (he was already in a bad mood) he just suddenly was swearing at me and (for some reason) Orig_inal. He killed Original, took his stuff, and once threatened, gave it back. He took out his sword again, and was about to kill Orig again, but Orig managed to kill him first. Then he came back, Orig gave his stuff back, but then he was trying to kill Orig and I again. (This repeated 3 times.) He tried to blame us for taking his things (we ACCIDENTALLY took half a stack of porkchops and one glass), which we tried to give back, tried to take my jukebox and my Pigstep disc, which I prevented him from doing, and then he threatened to tell the server owner to ban us. Sorry I couldn't give evidence. I would, but then, the good evidence isn't in the public chat, and I accidentally cleared my chat history (FUCK ME). Orig_inal is like my only source of evidence, along with some screenies of the public chat.
2020-12-07 (2).png

Tags: jet_the_killer

08/12/2020 01:23

Thanks for making this post, I will see what Jet has to say on the matter.


08/12/2020 01:31

bruh, you fucking forgot the situation, huh?


08/12/2020 01:38

Jet please provide a reasonable argument, preferably with evidence, or else this thread will be closed and your case will be thrown out.