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02/02/2021 10:36

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What is your username?: Tobias32

What is your UUID? ( 6c95a6bf-f831-413d-b760-be7379d8210b

What is your Discord name?: Tobias32#5197

What is your current age?: 14

What is your time zone?: CET or GMT+1

What is your native language?: German

What is your total in-game time?: 2 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes

How many total warns do you have?: I have no warns

Do you have any previous experience?: No, but everything has a start.

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words):
I really like the server, and I want to activly support it. The main reason is, that I want to help new players with getting into the game, and to bring their suggestions and also their wishes to the staff team. I would like to not only help the new players, but also other people who have problems, and see if i can solve them. I would love to work with you, because the staff members that i have already met in-game are really nice people.

Any other info? (Optional):
I have school on Monday-Friday, from 7:30 till 12:35, exept on one day,which is Tuesday. On Tuesday i have School from 7:30 till 16:30, but it changes sometimes. The normal time for me to play is between 14 and 21.(Every Time is in GMT+1). I wouldnt say that i am really social, but also not that introverted, balanced is a good word for that.

I am looking forward to your replies.

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02/02/2021 13:14

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Thanks for submitting your application! It will be reviewed by our team.


02/02/2021 15:00

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Strong application!
dont know you too well yet, but if you are willing to push yourself to be more social with the players then i see no problems here. 


04/02/2021 13:34

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I dont realy know anything bout you. 

Not mutch realy

I dont realy have an oppinion since i have not seen anything to you and thats kinda my fault. But im willing to give you a chance.


04/02/2021 16:52

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A bit rushed to be part of the staff but its decent and if the other staff members are alright with you then so am I


06/02/2021 21:40

White Iverson White Iverson's Profile Photo

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Sorry for the late reply, however, I am pleased to announce you have been accepted into the staff team!

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