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University Projects

Below are some projects that I created while studying

Bork Invaders - A Space Invaders Remake

Here is a project I created in my first year of university, to the right is a screenshot of the game. It is a modern twist on a classic game with the defender as Gabe The Dog, the invaders as Pepe The Frog and other custom sounds and images to make it more appealing. The game is programmed in Java using Processing, an open source computer programming language and integrated development environment (IDE). After completing the project for university I vastly improved the game in my spare time, updating all textures so they are in high definition. I also plan to add extras such as a full HUD and adding a leaderboard to the game.

Created April 2017
Bork Invaders Screenshot
Sliding Tile Web Page Screenshot

Sliding Tiles Game

In second year, I was part of a group to help create a web page for a university project. The project was to create a sliding tile game with features requested by a particular client. These include things such as categories of pictures that can be selected as well as a custom upload which the user can choose for themselves, a timer, scores and much more. The game is programmed in JavaScript. I worked on features such as being able to select the correct images, allowing custom uploads as well as the HTML structure and CSS.

Created December 2017

Jungle Run

Another project in my 3rd year of university was to create a game in Unreal Engine with multiple game mechanics. I came up with the idea of Jungle Run. The aim of the game is to collect a crystal guarded by secret traps on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. The game is very detailed as uses many features within Unreal such as a level sequencer, particle systems, ambient sounds and a vast amount of blueprint scripts.

Created December 2018
Jungle Run Screenshot
Phaser Game Screenshot

Phaser Code Camp

In my 3rd year I was in a group, tasked with making an interactive web game that helps teach children, ages 7-12, the basics of coding. The first level teaches about variables, in particular integers, as well as game mechanics. From there it goes on teach about other variables such as booleans and strings. The game is made using a JavaScript library called Phaser.

Created April 2019