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29/01/2021 22:55

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What is your username?: UltimumStatera

What is your UUID?: 8bf7ef8c-85c2-452b-bfd6-27536d4bf48f

What is your Discord name?: Statera#9739

What is your current age?: 16

What is your time zone?: GMT+2

What is your native language?: romanian

What is your total in-game time?: 11 days, 2 hours, 23 min.

How many total warns do you have?: 0

Do you have any previous experience?: sadly no

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): i was serching for experience in maintaining something and a chanse to help the server im so invested in but also because i wanted to get to know better the staff team and their history on the server

Any other info? (Optional): i have a good eye for new ideas and projects but if not pushed form the back or requested i tend to say nothing, i like music but shy when i have to talk to more then 3 people, i dont have much english speach exercise so my english could be a bit raw

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29/01/2021 23:17

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Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team!


30/01/2021 10:19

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application: meh
dedication to server: strong
will power: dope
communication: shmunication

overall i know you could make a good helper with your desires to build more attractions and brainstorm with the staff. However i dont know if your shyness will hold you back from being inviting and helpfull to new players.


30/01/2021 14:09

Chelseamad300 chelseamad300's Profile Photo

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  • Play time
  • Age 
  • Warn
  • Reason in wanting to join 
  • Experience (this would normally be a negative but for me I think someone needs to give you the opportunity to gain experience before making it a negative and it shows you are eager to learn. 
  • None for me
  • I think your dedication to the server is really strong, for me I do not think you are as shy as you make out to be. When we have conversations I do not feel as though they are awkward in anyway. Your written English skills are fantastic, and if you feel as though your verbal isn't amazing, this could be a fantastic opportunity to grown in developing it. 
I wish you all the best and best of luck with your application, 


30/01/2021 17:03

Squirrlesiller squirrlesiller's Profile Photo

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Play time
Reason to join


experience. but hey, gotta start somewhere right?
vc: not realy needed unless a bunch of regulars gather to play.


the shyness. this might be a problem if some fighting happens on the server and staff has to interfere. or in case of a bunch of new players joining at once needing help

I think you could have a positive experience as an staff meber helping you grow if you get over the shyness. and would do us some good with a pair of fresh eyes,


30/01/2021 19:03

Alphabeta72 alphabeta72's Profile Photo

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update on my review.
stat is good shit i think he's lying about the shyness.
let him in

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