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Come and say hello! Tell us a bit about yourself, maybe tell us your hobbies or interests. Do you like sports? Do you like blueberry pie? These are the real questions, we would like to get to know you!

Staff Applications

Apply to be part of the Koinotita Gaming staff team! Your application will be reviewed by our staff members and a verdict will usually be given within 48 hours. Make sure you check out the application template and fill it in accordingly in your post.


If you no longer want to be a part of the Koinotita Gaming staff team then please make a post in here. Please give some details as to why you are leaving.


General discussions on just about anything. This can range from talking about the server or our Discord. Or even what you did last Tuesday!


Have any suggestions for our website, Discord server or our Minecraft server? Post your thoughts here and we may consider implementing it in the future!

Complaints & Appeals

Report a staff member who has abused their powers or a user on the server that has broken the rules. You can also lodge an appeal against a warn, kick or ban you've received. Please provide evidence!

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