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TheHydraProject's Application.

Posted: 13/05/2021 23:41

What is your username?:TheHydraProject

What is your UUID? :11e35b83-383f-4756-8ffc-0643991a2643
What is your Discord name?: supremestarbucks#6969
What is your current age?: 14

What is your time zone?:C.D.T

What is your native language?: English

What is your total in-game time?: 2 days 10 hours and I joined on December 28, 2020

How many total warns do you have?: None and I hope to never get any.

Do you have any previous experience?: No I do not have experience but you have to start somewhere and I think this is the right place.
Why are you interested in joining our staff team?: I think I would be a great fit one this server as a staff member and I would love to help out the community. I know I have done some bad things but I would like to think of that as the past and move on to the present. Overall I love all of the community and would like to help out and keep the server away from trouble. I have always wanted to be a staff member for a server and I think now is the time to start. Thank you for your time and would love to be staff on this server one day.

Any other info? : I will talk with my mic but sometimes I am a little shy. I also laugh weird.

Tags: Staff application

13/05/2021 23:43

Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team!

Edited: 13/05/21 23:50


13/05/2021 23:51



14/05/2021 00:06

I know, that's why I edited the reply.


14/05/2021 04:19

A nice application.

expirence: you dont have any, but you have to start somewhere.
playtime: its not much but its some
your past:you have done somthing bad in the past which in some servers is a banable offence

thats kinda it for me

Edited: 14/05/21 14:24


14/05/2021 08:48

• Age
• Playtime
• Warns
• Reason to join

• Experience
To the Bad things i guess.. Well, everyone can change and be a better person... sooo i guess it counts as a neutral point for me-

Sooooo all in all, i don't really know you i guess, but your applications okay- so i will stay completely neutral...
For me it will be a Maybe-yes like... sooo yea