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Theonlyforehead's Staff Application

Posted: 08/05/2021 23:46

Staff Application for theonlyforehead: 

What is your username?: theonlyforehead
What is your UUID? ( 2132e871-9f9a-4164-a03f-87b5e5330f42
What is your Discord name?: theonlyforehead#3166
What is your current age?: 16
What is your time zone?: Central Daylight Time (CDT)
What is your native language?: English
What is your total in-game time?: 91.2 hours, interestingly 7 hours spent crouching
How many total warns do you have?: 0
Do you have any previous experience?: No.
Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): There were several times during a conflict with toxic players where I wish I could have done something, but I just couldn’t because no staff was online. In addition to that, I think it’ll just be great to be a staff member because I am pretty active and I don’t think I am annoying haha.
Any other info? (Optional): :D wassup my fellow homies, hope y’all are well.

Tags: dub?

08/05/2021 23:47

Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team.

Edited: 08/05/21 23:48


09/05/2021 13:44

Thank you for your application!

  • In game time (time spent crouching is just impressive)
  • Age
  • Warning 
  • Reason for wanting to join
Neautral: experience

Neagative: Can't think of anything negative within your application. Just some food for thought though, if you did have an issue where you needed a staff member to sort out a conflict you are well within your right to tag us and anyone of us can jump on. 

Overall: I think you are a good community member who positively impacts it, you are very active and although you don't have any experience with being a staff member, I feel as though you would pick up the skills necessary easily!
I recommend you for getting a position!

Thank you, and best of luck!


10/05/2021 06:26

Positive: You are meeting all the requirements like age, playtime, etc. You also have a good reason in wanting to join.

Neutral: No Experience. I dont think that no experience is a bad thing because it shows that you want to improve.

Negativ: -

Conclusion: I have nothing against you becoming a staff member, because you are active and seem like the right person for that.

Edited: 10/05/21 06:27


10/05/2021 07:05

As I'm looking to my colleagues oppinion about you and your introduction as well as my personal experience with you I don't see any reason (besides the experience) that you should not be part of our team. There for, my response to your application will be yes as well.

Edited: 10/05/21 07:39


11/05/2021 07:23

• Age
• Play-time
• Warns
• Reason

• Experience (but eh- what do i have to say big about that- hehe..)

I didnt really find anything negative so... yeah....

Sooooo... i dont think i had much to do with ya.. but i guess your pretty okay.. so yea-
Also, to your question: I guess im pretty good