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Some Suggestions

Posted: 07/05/2021 09:06

weekly "mini events" like comunity challenges (be it buidling, gather something or other stuff) that gives rewards to the winners and gives the community something to look forward to /interact together

Still want a player head plugin

Toggable pvp claims, some people want pvp in their claims some dont.
maybe make an pvp area for disputes with some rules

maybe make a parkour challange area people can play around in. it was fun using the old one 

Tags: some suggestions

07/05/2021 10:30

Thanks for some of the suggestions.

To begin with, the events would be great, but because I have a job I would require staff, like yourself to try and organise this.
I can add a player head plugin, unless you just need the heads of particular players, I can give you this.
I haven't seen in the config for land claims if pvp is toggleable now, previously it was either permanently on or permanently off and players were being attacked in their own claims.
A PvP arena was spoken about and I think it would be nice but I've not got around to doing so, again maybe staff could organise this.
Parkour would be nice and I might implement something in the spawn for this.


07/05/2021 10:58

im all up for doing the work for the events if someone tells me the general gist of what they want done.  f.eks if we have the heads plugin we could have a pvp event with heads being points and il set up an area where people can join and show their points.

on that note. maybe make an semi large area close to spawn where we (the staff) can build the event stuff /hold them


08/05/2021 23:39

Sounds good.


09/05/2021 22:39

I'll take a look at a PVP arena 


10/05/2021 23:19

I've added the playerhead plugin so this will allow players to obtain mob and player heads when killing them. The PvP arena is currently under construction with me and Chelsea working on it.

I have also created a parkour area in spawn for players to enjoy a little challenge.
I can also arrange an area for events to take place near spawn.