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Full0lead's Application

Posted: 23/02/2021 18:08

What is your username?: Full0lead

What is your UUID? ( b7f4d36f-b516-462d-8cce-9dca08bc557f

What is your Discord name?: Full0lead#3794

What is your current age?: 14

What is your time zone?: GMT

What is your native language?: English

What is your total in-game time?: 90 hrs

How many total warns do you have?: 0

Do you have any previous experience?: None

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): I would like to become a member of the staff team as I think the server is a very nice place with an amazing community and if anyone needs help I will always help to the best of my abilities even if I’m not the best at it and when new members come onto the server I will help them get started and show them their way around key places on the server.

Tags: #staff

23/02/2021 18:27

Thanks for your application! It will be reviewed by our staff team.


23/02/2021 19:45

Positives: Playtime, Reason in wanting to join, No warns, All the requirements to apply

Neutral: No Experience

Negatives: -

Conclusion: I think that you are a nice and social person, and your application was good. Thats why I am willing to give you a Chance.


23/02/2021 20:08

thank you!


23/02/2021 22:24


  • Active 
  • Good playtime 
  • Social 
  • Good reason in wanting to join our team
Negatives: experience 

Conclusion: I think you have potential for being a good staff member, will need some training but that's what we are here for!

Thanks for applying and best of luck!
- Chels


24/02/2021 00:10

i was thinking bout this the other day and im pumped to see that you've applied!
im sure you'd make a great fit with the team.

a well informed player with a positive attitude about helping others. hope the application works out!