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Posted: 16/02/2020 12:15

So I'm making a complaint about Ktori as Staff member. He is trolling people on the server, such as TacoCat, TacoCat had Questions, and Ktori ignored him, saying he likes his reaction. Then I wanted to answer TacoCat but Ktori said I shouldn't because he likes TacoCats reaction. Ktori said to TacoCat it's probably a bug he can't see his Question. But he could. So Ktori trolled a player as Staff Member. Then he griefed me, in killing 2 of my Animals, 1 of them, I shared with Dj_Peatz (EthRocky) & Spektrum_Smells (JJ). Considering Griefing & Trolling is not allowed I would say the Staff Member Ktori does not fit for Staff. He breaks rules himself and he doesn't help the Players who need help.

Tags: Ktori, Complaint

16/02/2020 22:18

The thing with Tacocat is partially true. Though i did ignore him, i was busy with something. You never told me that you wanted to reply either. On that statement, you put a little more juice on it than in riality. I did kill your Donkey, but that was cos you shot me with an arrow first. I didn't kill your Parrot by my own will. Either you killed him trying to kill me, or i, by an accident, hit him whilst hitting your Donkey once. I hit you Donkey once, as a warning, though he died by the fire from my sword. 


16/02/2020 22:20

Okay, I've seen both sides of the story. I will speak to you both about the incident.