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Introduction To Tobias32

Posted: 02/02/2021 07:38

Hello, like my username suggests, my name is Tobias. I am a 14 years old German, who likes to play Minecraft, Terraria, and many other games. I play Saxophone, and i also watch anime. My goal on the server is to be a great pirate who collects non-govermental suprise taxes from everyone too close to the ocean (who doesnt mind being robbed, i wont just take it from them). That is pretty much it, but if you want to know more, you can message me on discord or in-game. My Discord tag is Tobias32#5197

Edited: 02/02/21 09:43

Tags: Introduction

11/02/2021 16:09

All I can say is ARGH! Welcome! 😀