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More Events

Posted: 16/12/2020 14:23

In order to make new people stay and be active we need to make them connect with the other players. Social Events are a good way to show the new people that we care and to make the server pop out. 

Make them form friendships so they won't have a reson to leave.

Tags: suggestions

16/12/2020 18:47

What would suggest we do? I did a giveaway when we hit 100 users on Discord and we've done Halloween and we are doing Christmas right now with more to come.


16/12/2020 18:54

Ingame festivals, movie hangouts on discord, roleplaying, cominity projects, a giant chess board, book discussions, the possibiletes are endless


16/12/2020 23:30

Well that's the thing, I have done Halloween this year, I am doing Christmas, the Discord is free for anyone to hangout on there are plenty of rooms but it's mainly used when people play games together. I dunno about roleplaying personally so you're gonna have to explain a bit more. Community projects we have the Chels towers that people have worked on and other small little projects. Don't know about the chess board, you'll have to explain. I personally don't really read books either.


30/01/2021 10:01

i could see something like this working, especially if someone could stream/record these events. sadly my computer is a potato.

or heres a little thing we could try: a maze?
we could find a spot somewhere near spawn to make a maze. its not the craziest idea, but i think it could work to get more engagement if we moved the prize inside the maze and made little changes every week.
Would it be possible to use voting keys as a reward? Thats the only way i could think of limiting each persons loot so that one person cant take everything from the maze.

ive also made a secret cult on the server, maybe we could change the cults purpose/reward to be a password for a private discord server or something? would be a cool way to connect the people who have really taken the time to explore the spawn area.