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Age Restriction And Nature Preservation

Posted: 11/12/2020 14:23

We all know that most minecraft griefers are between 8 and 13 right(maybe older)?

I say that the new players under 13 should get placed under a probation period before letting them wonder around on the server

Some natural generated terrains could be absolutly wondrefull and need protection
I say if someone finds a biom or an intersting mountain or any kind of uncommon generation shold be reported and later be placed under natural preservation

Tags: suggestions

11/12/2020 14:27

We wouldn't know how old the player was, people could lie about their age like on any website you go on to do this would be extremely difficult to regulate. I've told staff members about how I cleaned up the areas around spawn and lot of places I randomly teleported to.


30/01/2021 10:23

i be doing clean up work or often i claim the blocks of an extra pretty place.