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Statera's Introduction

Posted: 27/11/2020 12:44

Greetings! I'm UltimumStatera but friend call me Statera, earthlings also call me Dragos, you may call me however you want. Still in highschool and im not really the tipe to stay in one tiny office signing papers, thats why after highschool i'm going to join the millitary academy like my grandfathers before me, but I also enjoy playing Minecraft from time to time. 

I'm highly allergic to any tipe of toxicity so if you play Fortnite and you're under carefull... because I not only bark but also bite very hard.
As my username suggests, I'm in serch of balance and tring to have the honnor of a samurai, the discipline of a roman soldier and the mind of a chinese general but when I'm not I like to do redstone contraptions, watch Netflix and make friends.
I also find my self funny from time to time and tend to make stories unnecessarly shakespearean(but rarely)

Tags: Introduction

27/11/2020 17:09

Interesting introduction Statera, welcome!