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Staff Application

Posted: 05/02/2020 17:49

What is your username?: En078

What is your UUID? ( 33f77207-3774-4463-a915-6acfb4c28ae0

What is your Discord name?: reetech#2293

What is your current age?: 16

What is your time zone?: UTC+1

What is your native language?: My native language is "Dutch" also known as "Nederlands"

What is your total in-game time?: 4 hours

How many total/active warns do you have?: I've got zero warnings

Do you have any previous experience?: Yes I have got some experience of moderating. Because of my past on servers and my currect knowledge about moderating

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 100 words): I have joined this server and I looked around a bit and I want to help to improve and secure the server with the staff team! I want to make this server safe secured and clean so the players can play in the server safety. I will also look for players who are breaking the rules and players with hacked clients or mods. I will make sure the chat will stay clean and I wil get rid of toxicity in the chat and I am very against bullying. I will also talk stuff out with players if they feel bad so they can feel safe and happy again. I have got much experience about moderating in the past years and a little bit of customizing plugins and building. I will help the server grow everyday and make it safe, secured, and clean! I will show you the best side of me

Any other info? (Optional): I work on Saturdays and I have school on the other days (8:10 - 15:30) except Sundays

Tags: staff-application

05/02/2020 16:20



05/02/2020 20:00


* Age
* 0 warns
* Previous experience
* 100+ words

* Hours
* Potentially your work/school
* Grammar (Not much, but a bit of grammar failure)

This is a decent application. You've met most of the requirements, you seem very eager to join the staff team. You want to get rid of toxic players, hackers and rule-breakers. You want to make this community a safer and more secure one, and that's really good to see. Though, you don't have many hours. That's a negative

Good luck, Ktoree


05/02/2020 20:56

+0 Warnings
+Previous Experience
+Word Count

-Ingame Time

Overall it's a decent Application, you seem to be a nice Person, but as much as I can see you just joined the Server Today or Yesterday. You only have 4 Hours of Ingame time which I personally think isn't enough to really know the Server Rules etc..

Good Luck,


05/02/2020 21:44

Unfortunately because you haven't got the required amount of hours played I have to deny this application. Feel free to apply in future. However, you must wait 3 days.