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Hi My Name Is

Posted: 30/07/2020 07:23

alphabeta72, aka. baebblu, aka. YachtBillgram.
the artist formally known as greg. 20 years old. im making t-shirts.

i played chess on a livestream last week, aka. im twitch famous.
i speak in lowercase because i never cap.
i think im funny. my lungs hurt often.
my mantra is 'heck it' except i dont say heck.

i used to go ham in mc way back. i played for 4 or 5 years till i discovered women. however its been getting harder to find women who can keep up to mc, with the aquatic and nether updates and all.
oh yea and corona

i have a feeling ya boy is gonna be chillin right here for quite a bit.

ya boy DankLank

Tags: canada intro dropmike

30/07/2020 19:58

I like this introduction lol


30/07/2020 20:29

"dicovered" women ...?