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My Staff Application

Posted: 09/06/2020 13:34

What is your username?:


What is your UUID? (

What is your Discord name?:

What is your current age?:

What is your time zone?:
United States, CST.

What is your native language?:
English, and also Portguese...

What is your total in-game time?:
Probably close to 2 whole days of non-stop playing, or if you count minecraft days, around 15 - 30 minecraft days. By minecraft days, I mean the day cycle of day, night with mobs spawning… I’m really enjoying the time I spend on the server, some other things I enjoy are survival, factions, skyblock, and many other mini-games that servers incorporate.

How many total warns do you have?:
Obviously none, as I'm completely new and either way you probably don't trust me as I've never been on your server before and only found it via

Do you have any previous experience?:
Yes, I do actually. I've owned many servers in the past, actually opening up a new one quite soon. I've been a moderator, builder, admin, and co-owner for hundreds of other servers... Also, I'm currently being interviewed to become a moderator for Minehut, if you ever heard of minehut, if you've never heard of it, I think you should do some research about it.

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words):
I felt the moment I joined this server that the server was missing stuff, like it needed better moderation skills, more assistance in the engineering side of both scripting plugins and building structures on the server... I felt a few things this server was missing that I could easily fill in for, but this would only work out if you were to trust me... Some of my accomplishments, skills, hobbies, and/or other recreations outside of Minecraft are… Hmm, I stopped that sentence short because I started that weird, but let’s just say, if you have or haven’t heard of Roblox, I think you should take a look at it, I’m a very skilled builder, though at times I suck at scripting, my friends help guide me through how to script things, on Roblox I have nearly three thousand followers, I also have a youtube channel I stream on now and then, I upload videos now and then too, I’m not doing videos constantly, but if I’m doing something important I usually have bandicam open recording a long stream, sadly bandicam doesn’t let me do more than 10 minutes, so I have to split to videos every time 10 minutes passes. My favorite hobbies are to build, script, moderate, and play piano. The building and scripting, I don’t care if it’s roblox or Minecraft, I just like to do that a lot. The moderate part is because I’m currently a moderator for a lot of Discord Servers, and I mean a lot... This doesn’t affect me because I’m always looking at Discord while doing Minecraft, and I’m very good at multitasking. I don’t have any other recreations outside of Minecraft that I could list, so I think that will be all for this question.

Any other info? (Optional): Something I’m going to mention is, yes I don’t have an introduction on the site, as I don’t know what you mean by that, if you mean like a first post on my profile to say what I’m like, what I like to do, and stuff, I would probably be better at having you watch what I like to do, as that would be easier than me trying to figure out how to word and/or explain what I like to do and how I act in different situations. I have a youtube channel and a twitch channel I stream on every now and then and also upload videos to.

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09/06/2020 18:57

Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team.


09/06/2020 22:58


Discord name
previous experience
no Introduction

Overall: you seem like a good guy
Best of luck,


09/06/2020 23:01


  • -Age
  • -Warnings
  • -Previous experience 
  • -Reason for joining word count
  • -Reason for wanting to join
  • -In-game time? Use the command /pt or /playertime
  • -Strong application, good word count. There does seem to be a lot of self doubt in terms of people trusting you which is a bit weird to me but, that might just be me? Haven't seen you on the server much but when I have you seem nice when I have spoken to you
Best of luck
- Chels


10/06/2020 00:43

I've tried doing /playertime or /pt and it's usually not worked, I haven't tried it recently as I assume it was still bugged... If not I'll check it in a few minutes and reply to this post.


10/06/2020 00:51

I figured I would take a screenshot instead as it would probably be better to do that...