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Posted: 08/06/2020 19:10

pretty much explains itself

it started with chelseamad planting tnt in the other guys house and then the other guy attacked so i fought back and then chelseamad started abusing his power

idk what that text on the top right is btw, prob a visual bug lmao

Tags: chelseamad gae

08/06/2020 19:29

Can you please explain a little more? I can see in the video faze attacking you and you attacking back. Also attacking Chelsea too and destroying his stuff. It looked like Chelsea was trying to move you away and then you came back and attacked him again.


08/06/2020 19:36

I enjoyed your video of 'evidence'...

You failed to record the part where you put a nether star in his house and blew it up, which i had to rollback...
You failed to record the part where you blew up the TNT that I had placed...
You failed to record the part where once I had rolled back the damager (again) from the TNT, you placed more and proceeded to blow it up.

Your recording show's me teleporting you away. This was done using the command /rtp, one that every user has access to. I did then teleport you to me so that you would get the idea to leave the house. I chose not to teleport you so you still had the option to use /back to return at your own discretion to continue to grief Faze's house, which you chose to do.

You were kicked due to the constant abuse of killing and griefing, something a /warn would have done but due to the constant killing I felt a /kick was easier to do to get you to stop, rather than going through a GUI which would've meant I could not have completed the command in the time you killed me again.

The final part of the video shows me take your items, this was to stop the constant killing. Your video however does not show me giving your items back once you had left.

This is not abuse of power, it was preventing grief and abuse of a new player.

In addition to all of this... You are using a hacked client and blamed it on a 'visual bug'...

Kind regards,


08/06/2020 21:40

I never placed an end crystal in his house. I just placed it outside and FaZe thought it would be a good idea to destroy it. I never placed any tnt either. And you never gave me back my items, you tried to kill me, but failed because of thorns and i got my stuff back and left before you could take them again. FaZe started attacking me for no real reason and you also attacked me after faze was losing. I still was able to destroy both of you with a combination of pvp skill and the buff of a notch apple and you just tped away which normal players can't do if they get attacked. You also teleported me away for no real reason so I just used /back to come back and killed you. The only reason I killed you at all after the first time I attacked you was because you abused your powers

And the visual bug is obviously a joke lmao


08/06/2020 22:42

I will speak to Faze when I get the chance to. It seems to me like there was some confusion and it got out of hand when people began to pvp. In the meantime, JJ, disable your client or you will be permanently banned.


08/06/2020 22:51

Faze asked you to leave multiple times, you was at his house, in his property and you continued to abuse him, I had to step in. Again that is not true about the end crystal either, a simple inspection would be able to tell me that.