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Suggestion For Server

Posted: 08/04/2023 17:34

Hi, so I think it might be useful to have a like /trash command or something like it where it opens up a menu like what u see when opening a double chest and then you put anything you want to get rid off in there and when you close the menu it just trashes everything.

Ik there’s /sell but I have like loads of enchanted tools and armour and it’s horrible to sell them all, I have like 2 double chests worth and more and /sell only sells that item because they all have diff enchants I gotta do them 1 by 1. So I think it might be useful to have, and also allows you to put named items in too. Cause some Minecraft items are already named as something for example the banners pillagers drop I can’t sell them I have loads just sitting around and can’t get rid of them.

Tags: Suggestion

08/04/2023 17:58

You can sell your entire inventory with /sell inventory.


09/04/2023 18:49

Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks