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New Players

Posted: 10/03/2020 18:46

Firstly if you're a new player on our server, welcome! 😁

This post will give a brief explanation of some of the useful commands we have available on our server through the use of our plugins. There are also some useful hints and tips too.

We currently have 40 different plugins, you can see which ones using /plugins while on the server. You may think that's a lot but each of these plugins adds something unique or helpful.

The plugins used don't really affect the mechanics of the game, we wanted to keep it like vanilla minecraft but with some added bonuses such as being able to trade items in our shop.

You can check commands for any plugin we have by using a search engine, such as Google.

Most useful commands:

  • /back - When you die or if you want to return to before you teleported use this command.
  • /vote - Want to earn prizes while on the server? Use this command and you'll get a crate key, you can then open crates and win various items.
  • /unlock - Unlocks blocks such as chests, furnaces and shulker boxes
  • /cmodify - modifies locked blocks in various ways, check modern LWC wiki for more info on that.
  • /rtp - Randomly teleport to a location
Please speak English while on the server using the general chat, however you can talk in whatever language you like by talking to others in private messages. Simply type /pm followed by your message and /r followed by your message to reply.

It is also recommended you don't build your house near the spawn area. While we don't condone griefing on our server, we can't control every player and stop them from griefing.

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29/06/2020 16:37

We also made it so you can now trade through the use of signs with one of our main plugins, Essentials. You can see how it works on the wiki or through a video tutorial: