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Shop Between Players

Posted: 23/03/2023 22:42

Instead of being able to buy everything in the Shop, make a Shop so players can sell certain Items for prices they make themselves and let players buy/bid on it.

I see alot in chat of things like "Anyone got an [Enchanted Book] I can buy?" or "Anyone want to buy [Item]?", and I think it's really nice that players trade among eachother rather than doing everything solo and just buying it from the shop

I believe a Player based Marketplace like this would be very nice to have, since in my opinion, it strengthens the community and makes more people talk to eachother.

Also Cons of the Shop we have now are that eventually, everyone  will just buy everything there, no need to farm or grind anything so they soon wont have anything to do and get bored. I understand the basic materials that are easy to farm but tedious which makes people annoyed when they have to farm them over long periods of time, but more rare things like enchantments, netherite, Elytra etc. shouldnt be sold so easily.

So that players who get rare Items like Netherite, the Wither Star etc. don't sell these items at ridiculously low prices, make  a minimum price set for unique items like that., so new players can't buy them the moment they enter the server.

Edited: 24/03/23 00:45

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23/03/2023 23:05


because... french elections


24/03/2023 08:48

There is currently the option of trade signs which means players can buy or sell things without being online. If this option isn't viable then it may require another plugin.