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Guten Tag White

Posted: 23/03/2023 20:34

What is your username?: Siphayeur

What is your UUID? ( 1456fa64-7860-49d8-a873-3307ccd90223

What is your Discord name?: Siphayeur#4298
What is your current age?: 17
What is your time zone?: UTC (because ya know.... german invasion and all of this shit) and here is my free time :D
Monday : 4pm To 9pm
Tuesday : 7pm to 9pm
Wednesday : 00pm to 9pm
Thursday : 7pm to 9pm
Friday : 3pm to 3am
Saturday : 00pm to 3am
Sunday : 00pm to 1am

What is your native language?: FRANCAIS ( :) )
What is your total in-game time?: (will give it tomorow)
How many total warns do you have?: uhhhhhh 0 or idk i was in prison for like... 5 minutes from the Coal revolution (still continues btw)
Do you have any previous experience?: I HAVE A BUILDING TEAM and i have a server that close like 1 year ago
Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): (will do it tomorow)
Any other info? (Optional): i am French... Britain good too... and uhhhhhhh i like to build... learn a lots of thing.... history... i would LOVE to visiting England or America... or all of europe... heh could be fun :D

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23/03/2023 22:25



23/03/2023 22:30


- Age
- Previous Experience


- No valid time zone given
- In-game time not given
- Reason for joining


You’ve not given a lot of the required information, and you reason for joining seems very random. You mentioned you were bored and wanted to fly which in my opinion isn’t a valid reason to want to join staff because it seems you only want to join for the perm benefits. If you don’t think spawn is good enough, don’t put it into your staff application mentioning it “sucks” instead mention it in the suggestions channel. If I’m honest I feel you’re unfitfor staff.


23/03/2023 22:31



23/03/2023 22:46

it was a joke first x))) dont mind i do that for troll i will do a real tomorow


23/03/2023 22:46


Not filled it out to requirments
not realy written professionaly - work is work and playtime is playtime
reasons - all i see is you wanna join  for benefits and some powerabuse 
prior interactions- i dont realy think you would make a good fit for the most part

im strongly against having you at the staff team as you seem to just want staff for your own benefit and amusment, not even taking the application seriously. 


and you sending this in as a joke tells me even more that you shouldnt be staff at all

Edited: 23/03/23 22:51