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Staff Application

Posted: 14/03/2023 23:04

my username is ace0shock

What is your UUID?d8b6d6f6-976b-4c6a-8094-4a7da8936de8

What is your Discord name?: ace-shock#2829
What is your current age?: 16
What is your time zone?: newfound daylight time

What is your native language?: English

What is your total in-game time?: 1day 7h 8m
How many totals warns do you have?: 0

Do you have any previous experience?: yea this server for 5 months 
Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): 
 i love this server and finely got a pc so i can play again also got the time to do so. it just felt like the right time to come back, I've miss this server a lot. 
got squirrle approval :D  

Edited: 15/03/23 01:25

Tags: Staff Application

15/03/2023 18:31

would love to have you back with us :)


17/03/2023 22:03

Yeah I don't see why not!

you've been a staff member before, I dont see why you cant be one agian
less that 50 words, no staff for you(im kidding)

Edited: 17/03/23 22:13


17/03/2023 22:49

..i think im just gonna skip my pros and cons list for this
You have been staff before, would be nice to have you back i guess


17/03/2023 22:59

Welcome to the staff team! You will receive your official welcome in the Discord soon.