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Sigurs Ban

Posted: 28/06/2021 06:28

I would like to say sorry for all the stuff I have done to this server and the amount of bull shit I have said and how I have ruined the server a little bit and how all of u guys hated me and how me and b6tz/shock/zko always got in fights and how u guys always warned me and I didn't even care and how I always wanted to be better than everyone and how I got in fights with everyone and how I would threating u guys and say that I would sue u and how I would do other stuff. Basically I was a big bitch and just complained and always wanted to get u guys to do shit that u didn't want and how some of u guys would help me and the other half would want to kill me. sorry for antagonize shock/b6tz/zko all the time and then he would antagonize me and we would always want to kill each other basically and how u guys would try to tell me to stop but I wouldn't and I was just a sociopath also sorry for the people that have OCD with the amount of spelling errors and missed spelled words and mistakes I made and my excuse for why I can't type. And for the amount of lies I made like my age and my age is actually 17 and I will stop doing all of this. I also have to change a lot of stuff because of my rank/roles on my servers. So a lot has changed about me and the why I act now. I'm very sorry for what I have done to your server White and Chels

Edited: 28/06/21 06:31

Tags: ban appeal

28/06/2021 08:41

Listen kid, I'm saying this with the kindest of heart so don't take it as an insult: You should take a break from the internet, take a walk, just rethink yourself, maybe go with the tent for 2 days, just stay as far away from any social media or anything like that for at least a week. You know to recharge your batteries, talk to your family, some peace and quiet will do you very good, trust me. 


28/06/2021 14:03

I have I did last week we went to a drag race and camped for 3 days and then we went and camped some where else for 4 days and all that time we had no cell service.


30/06/2021 20:10

Gonna be a no from me.

 ALSO Write better. 


30/06/2021 20:44

im new at this squirrlesiller so quit it