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Wafer's Epic Big Boy Application

Posted: 14/06/2021 03:14

What is your username?: WaferDukk

What is your UUID? (

What is your Discord name?: WaferDukk#4242

What is your current age?:14

What is your time zone?: Central Standard Time

What is your native language?: English

What is your total in-game time?: So far, 1 week and 8 hours

How many total warns do you have?: None

Do you have any previous experience?: I do. I was a moderator in another minecraft server with over 50 people, as of now it has been deleted.

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words): I’ve been playing in this place for a while, and I’m looking for something to do this summer. There are a bunch of people here that ruin the fun for everyone else and it would be nice to keep them in check. I think I'd be a pretty good help.

Any other info? (Optional): ꁲꍩꌚꂠ ꅏꁅꍩꌚ꒻ꀗꍩꌚ ꁲꅏꌚꂠꍩꌚ ꁲꀗꍩꅏ ꁲꌚꍩꂠꁲ ꌚꀗ

Edited: 14/06/21 14:55

Tags: grand pappy slap happy

14/06/2021 09:44

Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team.


14/06/2021 13:40

Positive: Playtime, Warns, Age, Experience, right UUID

Neutral: -

Negative: Discord name doesnt contain tag, Reason in wanting to join is too short (only 20 Words)

Conclusion: I think that you are a nice person, but your application has 2 flaws. Once you include your discord tag and make your Reason longer, I have nothing against you as a staff. But for now I will say no.

Edited: 14/06/21 13:43


14/06/2021 14:04

everything is good, expirence, warns,in game time, just one thing that isent good is the reason why you want to join, its not long enough(thats what she said).

its a maybe


14/06/2021 14:56

It's edited boys and girls


14/06/2021 15:55


Personal experience with interaction:  you have been active and talked in the comunity and have had some friction but that was mainly with shock.

Experience : you may have some but not sure it will help since every server is different 

reason : seems kinda short term. 
And if you see anything happening message the senior staff to let us deal with it until you become used to it other than obvious things like names and sutch.

I would like you to become staff on a trial run if you keep staying active, but your reason seems kina short like you want to leave once summer ends.