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Something New. Quests? Story?

Posted: 01/03/2020 19:45

I have been playing on this server for about 6 days total. It's fun and all, but it's grown quite boring. I have done everything this server has to offer. I've even applied for staff. Right now I am a moderator. However, things are still boring on this server.

So Iwas thinking, why not add some story. Like some lore to this server or something, idk. I would like to see some quests aswell, like for example; Go rescue someone, or go find something for someone. Kill 10 zombies, or something else. Just something that spices up the experience on the server. I know this is still quite a new server, and things aren't fully completed, but I would still like to see some new things added. May be what this server needs

Yours trully, Ktoree

Tags: Suggestions

04/03/2020 18:06

Apologies for not replying sooner, I like the idea, a new server  name would be a good start and from there we can make a lore to make things more interesting.