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17/02/2020 14:19

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Join Date: Feb 2020

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What is your username?:

What is your UUID? (

What is your Discord name?:

What is your current age?:
15-16 this year

What is your time zone?:

What is your native language?:

What is your total in-game time?:
Haven't exactly counted it but over 14 hours

How many total/active warns do you have?:

Do you have any previous experience?:
Previously HA on a certain server you know

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 100 words):
Gives me something to do in my spare time and ontop of that, when I'm next on the server it's giving me something to add I guess not exactly sure what to put here but yea.

Any other info? (Optional):

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17/02/2020 16:59

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Rank: Helper

Join Date: Feb 2020

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* Age

* Warns
* Previous experience

* -100 words
* "Demoted" previously on this server, for incativity

This is a decent application. You have met every requirements, you have been "staff" on this server before. Though, you did get "demoted". You seem like the friendly type of guy

Best of luck, Ktoree

17/02/2020 17:02

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Rank: Regular

Join Date: Feb 2020

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+Age (15)
+Previous Experience (would like to know the server)
+No Warnings 
-Word count 
-Playtime (you only have 12 hours on the server)

You seem to be experienced and motivated. I would've liked to see more about your interests in joining the staff team and I would like to know what server you were HA on. You can check playtime by doing /playtime while on the server
I look forward to working with you

Good luck, 

Edited: 17/02/20 17:14

19/02/2020 12:38

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Rank: Admin

Join Date: Jan 2020

Threads: 3

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+Previous Experience
+No Warnings
+Ingame Time

-Word Count

Overall I think you've got a decent Application, you have previous Experience, and you're a nice person. Even tho you don't have much in your reason to join staff, you seem to be like a helpfull and friendly person.

Best of luck,

19/02/2020 21:44

White Iverson Profile Photo

Rank: Owner, Website Developer

Join Date: Jan 2018

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I am pleased to announce that this application has been accepted! Welcome!

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