Bigboy3591's Staff Application

24/02/2021 00:04

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gonna be a no from me dog

"Somethimes players dont follow the rules such as griefing/trolling." i agree, ive warned you and jailed you because of this multiple times.

ive also seen you spam both players and staff to try to get them to do work in game for you which would be a terrible look if it said staff infront of your name.

a very firm no


24/02/2021 12:02

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-No warns
-Reason to join

-Not talking in vc's


Personal opinion:
You are ambitious and and active but sometimes you "push" people to interact with you and I often found you tring to teleport to me 1 minute after i loged on wich can be annoying. You try too hard to be helpful and/or create friendships with people that barely know you, my answear for you is no for now but here's my personal advice for you: take your time, be patient and with time comes mastery.


26/02/2021 12:37

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gotta say no here.
you have been to pushy with interacting with people. 
and as alpha pointed out you have been hasling people to do work for you and warnings that .
 otherwise its a good aplication.

foot note, maybe not lie about your age,


28/02/2021 17:08

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Unfortunately this application can't be accepted due to several members of staff having doubts about you as a member. Also I had a report that you lied about your age. Please do not apply until you are old enough.


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