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10/06/2020 23:33

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-Previous experience
-No Warnings
-Reason to join


Good application, don't have much to say to that, just good. No real Negatives, only Positives as I can see

Best of luck,


11/06/2020 10:59

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  •  - Warnings.
  •  - Experience.
  •  - Word count on several points.
  • - Interview with another server for a moderation gig.
  • - Come off as a bit arrogant in your application (maybe that's just me and I'm putting too much into it).

It's a fine application and I like that you've written an essay for us which is a tad more interesting than two sentences. My worry is that you have too many balls in the air and I fail to see the actual reason to join this server, when you're, or have been, involved in so many already. Is it just in your interest to find small communities and improve the spots you deem necessary? You can't be a staff member on this server and another, which you stated you were waiting for. 
All in all, you're rough around the edges. I think you have potential and could be an asset, but I also have my doubts. If you get the chance to join the staff, I will look forward to you proving me wrong :)


11/06/2020 12:07

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You read the rules right? Im gonna say no because of "I'm currently being interviewed to become a moderator for Minehut" 


11/06/2020 18:22

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Based on what some others have said and what some of the staff team have informed me, I can't accept this application at this point. It clearly states on our requirements that you can't be staff on other servers and because you are in the process of applying elsewhere I don't feel it would be great to accept you until you know the verdict.

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