Staff Application

12/05/2020 17:02

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What is your username?:

What is your UUID?: 9d6282a5ebb64e5d9471d61cab22acf1

What is your Discord name?: ARC Trooper Fives#8240

What is your current age?: 19

What is your time zone?: IST/GMT

What is your native language?: Irish/English

What is your total in-game time?: 5 days 11 hours 44 mins

How many total warns do you have?: i have no warnings

Do you have any previous experience?: i was a moderator on a vanillia minecraft server back in 2013 however due to lack of donations to the server it had to be shut down, i was also a mod on a csgo surfing server but i doubt that has any relevance to minecraft 

Why are you interested in joining our staff team?: Im interested in joining the staff team because i really love this server, ive been playing on it for quite a long period of time and i would like to do more on it, usually i play at very late hours which means im the only person on the server when new players join the server, i have often showed them around and helped them get started in the server, im also quite good with redstone and building so if the need ever arises i can work on technical projects for the servers benefit other then that i would like to help maintain the current friendship enviroment on the server, i do joke around alot but i can be quite serious if the need arises, anyway i think i would be a good addition to the staff team and i look forward to your response

Any other info?: enjoy helping other players 

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12/05/2020 19:17

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Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team.


12/05/2020 22:00

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  • Age 
  • In-game timeno 
  • warnings
  • very active
  • great guy

  • N/A
Good application, definitely would recommend the acceptance of the application, good reason for you wanting to join and previous experience.


13/05/2020 18:05

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  • Age
  • In-game time
  • Warnings
  • Activity
  • Funni boi

  • Hard to think of any, but I'll let you all know when I find some.

I like this. You would be great to have in a position on the server. By far the funniest person on the server, although the bar is pretty low. 


13/05/2020 21:12

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-Ingame Time
-No Warnings
-Word Count & Reason to Join
-Previous Experience

- N/A

Great Application, you're a very nice & funny Person, can't really say anything about this, hope you get accepted!

Best of Luck,


14/05/2020 07:26

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ingame time 
previous experience 
nice guy that jokes about

overall great application and i would like you joining the staff


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