Chezola's Staff Application

02/05/2020 20:54

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Rank: Member

Join Date: May 2020

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What is your username?:

What is your UUID? (

What is your Discord name?:

What is your current age?:

What is your time zone?:

What is your native language?:

What is your total in-game time?:
4 days, 7 hours

How many total warns do you have?:

Do you have any previous experience?:

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words):
I like the server and I want to be a part of its growth and development. I have come to know some people and I like them. I would like to welcome new players here and give them a good first impression of the server. This is one of the ways I can get them to stay. I would like to contribute to the team where I can.

Any other info? (Optional):
I have a wife, a two-year-old kid, and a second one due mid-June. Until then I am online between 2-4 hours a day, on average. Some days less, some days more. After the new human joins this world, I don't know how much I’ll play, but I sure would like to keep it almost as much as now, but it’ll probably be less, at least in the beginning.
Additionally, if I were to become a member of the staff one day, I would like the possibility of resigning at any time due to private stuff. I will of course inform beforehand and stay until a new member has taken the place if needed/possible.

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02/05/2020 21:02

White Iverson White Iverson's Profile Photo

Rank: Owner, Website Developer

Join Date: Jan 2018

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Thanks for your application, it will be reviewed by our staff team.


02/05/2020 22:35

Chelseamad300 chelseamad300's Profile Photo

Rank: Co-Owner, Donator

Join Date: Feb 2020

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Positives: age, in game time, no warnings

Negatives: experience 

Overall: good application, I like the reason you would like to become a staff member. I like how active you are on the server and I think you would be a great fit into the staff team and you are a great guy. 

All the best,


03/05/2020 13:08

Monstercookie Monstercookie's Profile Photo

Rank: Moderator

Join Date: Jan 2020

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-Reason to join, Wordcount
-No Warnings
-Ingame Time

- N/A

Overall it's a really good application. You're active on the server, a nice, and mature person. You don't have previous experience, but that should be fine. Everyone needs to start somewhere.

Best of Luck


03/05/2020 14:48

Squirrlesiller squirrlesiller's Profile Photo

Rank: Admin

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Playtime, no warnings, age 


Overall an good application. Seen you on a good bit on the server, your mature and nice. You dont have experience but hey gotta start somewhere.

Best of Luck 


05/05/2020 10:58

White Iverson White Iverson's Profile Photo

Rank: Owner, Website Developer

Join Date: Jan 2018

Threads: 5

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I am pleased to announce that this application has been accepted! Welcome!


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