Chelseamd300's Staff Application

02/03/2020 15:40

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What is your username?:


What is your UUID? (


What is your Discord name?:


What is your current age?:


What is your time zone?:


What is your native language?:


What is your total in-game time?:
 14 Hours, 31 Minutes

How many total/active warns do you have?:


Do you have any previous experience?:

I have previously been an admin on 2 faction/survival servers and help develop (install plugins etc) and build a friend of mines server. I have also run my own server for a short period of time (unfortunately the hosting company decided to cease operations so I lost it) 

Why are you interested in joining our staff team? (Minimum 50 words):

I would like to join your staff team as I feel like I am a dedicated player that enjoys helping others, I am able to be online at most times during the day due to the fact I am at college. I love playing Minecraft and have been playing it since 1.2.5 so I have good experience playing it.
I would also like to join your staff team as I feel that the staff are great help and I would love to be a part of the team.

Any other info? (Optional):
 I do work on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-10pm so I will not be able to play during them times. Thanks for reading my application.

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10/03/2020 17:07

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+ Age
+ Reasoning to join
+ Ingame Time
+Previous Experience
+ No Warnings

- N/A

Overall it's a good application, you meet about all the requirements and you're a nice person.

Good Luck,


10/03/2020 23:44

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I am pleased to announce that this application has been accepted! Welcome!

Apologies for late response and lack of replies.


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