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18/10/2021 09:15

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What is your username?: UltimumStatera

What is your UUID?: 8bf7ef8c-85c2-452b-bfd6-27536d4bf48f
What is your Discord name?: Statera#9909
What is your current age?: 17.5
What is your time zone?: GMT+2
What is your native language?: romanian
What is your total in-game time?: about 24 days
How many total warns do you have?: 0

       I would like to formally ask to be promoted to the rank of Admin. 
I believe that by having access to Admin tools I would be able to solve problems more efficient than as a Moderator. Also being one of the most frequently playing members of the staff team there is a big chance I can intervene faster. Being an Admin means I can help with bigger projects and events.
     Please consider my application and I am waiting a response as fast as possible.

Tags: Staff Applications

18/10/2021 12:31

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Hey Stat. You don't need to make an application for promotions. Come to me personally if you wish to speak about this. Thanks!


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